Monday, 23 October 2017

Term 3 discovery time reflection

This term I have been working on a song with Kate.C called “I just want to dance.”  While doing this I have learned we have to take time and include each other's ideas.

I have been challenged to think of lyrics for the song.  I have overcome this challenge by talking with Kate and thinking of stuff that rhymes with the words.

My focus for discovery is being patient and taking time to achieve a good result. I think I have done a good job because when we were doing our song, we took a long time to think of ideas that rhymed with the words. When we had to record the song we took forever to finish recording because we kept laughing.

In term 4 I look forward to choreographing a dance with the song we wrote. We have already began the choreographing.

Here are two photos of us dancing:

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