Sunday, 10 September 2017

Boy I Was A Silly Toddler. 

Some childhood memories you want to remember all your life, but some you want to forget and never mention it again. Like when I put a fake spider in my sisters bed, and she freaked out, now that's a keeper. Do you remember your first bee sting and how you reacted? 

It all started on a charming, blazing hot day. My face was melting, I couldn't wait to go outside. I sprinted outside to the backyard. I was about 3 or 4 years old at the time and I didn’t know that bees stung people - ignorance is bliss.

I was outside playing around, and I heard something, it sounded a bit like a fly but was it? Thoughts where running around in my head ... where was the buzzing coming from?  I was spinning my head from side to side, up and down - it was as if my head was about to fall off. What was creating this annoying noise? There it was again…. the sound... Bzzzzz!   

I turned my head and saw it,  I knew what it was, it was a bee.  It landed on me and do you know where?  On my forehead - in the middle of my forehead! I didn't know what to do - should I stay still? Should I run? Should I slap it? I decided to slap it!

It took 5 seconds to soak in then I yelled “AWWWWWW!  Help! It hurts!”  My mum came rushing out, gently pulled the bee sting out and put ice on it.

Now that memory I’ll never forget. It’s taught me to never slap a bee again.

This next memory has taught me to try to get friends straight away...

It all started on the second week of preschool. I was three years old and I still didn't have any friends, so I decided to make one. She was invisible ( not to me), and her name was Princess Minnie.

It was fruit break and Princess Minnie and I were sitting down, she was sitting next to me. Remember she's invisible. So a kid came and sat on her. I screamed “GET OFF HER,  ARE YOU BLIND?” The kid thought I was crazy.

Then it was nap time.  We all found a spot and lay down on a pillow. Princess Minnie was already asleep then the same kid that sat on her at fruit break came and did the same thing, but instead she fell asleep on her! I yelled “GET OFF PRINCESS MINNIE, NOW!” She didn't listen to me, so I did what I had to do, I pushed her.  In a flash she rolled over and woke up. I said “Stay away from me.”

It was finally home time and my mum asked “Did you make any friends today?” I said “Ya, her name is Princess Minnie”. My mum looked at me and asked “What's her real name?” I said “Princess Minnie is her real name.” My mum looked confused for a second, but she then released she was invisible, so she just went with it.

Now you know childhood memories are very precious,  funny, embarrassing, and weird. You should always treasure them even if they are memories you would rather  forget.

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