Sunday, 28 May 2017

High Ropes

High Ropes

While sitting in the cold dirt, I wait for my turn. When I hear the instructor say to me “It's your turn,” I feel  scared but excited at the same time. As I'm slowly rising up, terrified, I'm shaking and thinking “Should I trust my friends if I fall?” 

I hear my friends cheering for me as I get close to the top of my first climb. I take their advice and I keep climbing up. I feel the wind breathing on my back.  I'm so close, one more step, it's bigger than me, I push myself over and in one leap I make it the top.  I feel glorious and so peppy, it's such a great view from up the top.

All I could think of once I’d taken in the view was - “How do I get down?”   

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