Sunday, 27 November 2016

Tree Girl

Tree Girl has got a squishy, dark green, curly afro which is really long and buffy.  She is the height and width of a tree trunk and walks proudly. She only wears dark green and bright green clothing and she has dirt on her clothes and her face. She always scratches her face. Her afro is swishy like mashed potato and her mouth is big and her teeth are small. She is always nice and never gets into trouble.  She only stops smiling when she's sad or hurt.  
Tree Girl loves to hang out in the forests and she lives underground in a log near the forest.  Her talent is singing, by singing I mean opera singing. She sings like an angel and she's interested in disco dancing. She likes to hang out with her friends who are skunks, squirrels and bears along with her good friend Craig and Fat Giraffe Girl.

She sways side to side saying hi to everybody she meets with a smile. She stuffs her face with warm, juicy bugs and when she bites on them she hears them crunch. Her voice is a bit deep and she speaks slowly in English. She’s not shy to talk to other people.

If people would say anything about Tree Girl they would probably say she's nice, kind and she always has a smile.

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