Monday, 10 October 2016

Discovery refection

What I have enjoyed doing the most at Discovery over the past 2 terms is baking, painting, gym and craft.  My challenges at Discovery is planning for baking before I bake and taking my time.  I have overcome these challenges by asking my friends to help me plan and to remind me to plan.

Through discovery I know now to always plan ahead and always have a plan during discovery. I have been challenged by taking time to work things out and planning ahead. I tried to overcome these challenges by planning a day or two days before discovery and trying not to rush and taking my time.  I'm better at making decisions because I'm always ready and I have got ideas in my head before every discovery.  

Overall I feel happy about what I have done at discovery and I have learnt to always take my time over the past 2 terms.  I am looking forward to baking and crafting in term 4.

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