Wednesday, 7 September 2016



Have you ever noticed how much rubbish there is in the world? it's just ridiculous and that's why I'm here, I want to stop it. Almost everywhere I go I see rubbish. I see rubbish on the  footpath, in the gutter and even the school.  It makes me feel so angry because some people are too lazy to put rubbish in the bin. When you see rubbish on the ground please put it in the bin.

Did you know rubbish can kill animals? Do you know rubbish can get stuck in their throat?  It can get stuck around their mouth and could stop them from breathing.  Some sea creatures have a bad sense of eyesight. Some sea creatures love to eat fish. If they see rubbish they can mistake it for food and eat it.  The rubbish can get stuck in their throat and they may die. The saddest thing is some animals don't have arms or fingers to get the rubbish out of their throat or get it of there mouth. This problem wouldn't happen if you put your rubbish in the bin!

Rubbish is messy.  School is stinky and messy and we treat it like a dump! Darren puts bins out for a reason so at morning tea and lunch there are bins for you to put your rubbish in.  It doesn't take up all your time at morning tea and lunch  to put your rubbish in the bin, so you should make the effort and make this school tidier. Some people put their rubbish in their pocket and they don't have a zip to zip it up. Often the rubbish falls out so don't put your rubbish in your pocket - put it in the bin! Most people care about this school so come on people, put your rubbish in the bin, it will make it much easier for Darren, as well as making our school look nicer.

It’s bad to throw rubbish on the ground.  It's bad because a glass bottle when thrown on the ground could smash. If a child comes along they could cut themselves.  When people visit Christchurch from different countries they will probably think that we don't care about our community.  They may leave because they don't want to be in a place that's covered with rubbish.  That wouldn't happen if you put your rubbish in the bin.

So come on people... when you're finished with your food and there's wrappers from it, put it in the bin. Don't be lazy.  If you put your rubbish in the bin you can save the animals, this world would be a cleaner, tidier, better place to live.

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