Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Waking up

I was sleeping peacefully with my warm comfy blanket covering me then in a flash my light turned on.  I didn't know who had turned it on. I was trying to open my eyes but I was still half asleep. Mum came in and shouted “Get up, get up, its school today”.  “My bed is so warm” I told mum.  Finally I stomped out of bed rubbing my eyes.

I stumbled down the hallway to the lounge with my floppy pyjamas dragging on the floor and ate my toast as it smelled delicious. After breakfast I packed my bag, went to the bathroom to brush my white, shiny teeth for two minutes.  Then I brushed my knotty hair and washed my messy face. 

My Dad came home from work in the ambulance and hopped in the spa.  When he opened the cover for the spa the hot steam floated up, it looked like smoke from a fire. “Lucky” I said to Dad.  “Can I hop in the spa?” I asked Mum. “No you've got school” she replied.

As I sprinted outside to get my scooter, it was freezing. There was misty fog everywhere swaying side to side, it looked like snow. It was so cold I couldn't even move, I was shivering. After I kissed my parents goodbye I scootered to school with my jacket and gloves wrapped around my body and hands, protecting me from the cold. 

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