Sunday, 29 October 2017

Arts reflection

During the arts term I have been working on a play and dance with Michael and Kate.C. On the rubric my learning is at relational because I can create a dance using the elements of dance, I can create a play based on the idea of the heart of Waimairi.

Last term I learnt about the ways you can use space in dance like: pathway - where you walk straight, curved, zigzag, in the air, and on the floor; range - where you can be close, far, big, and small; direction - where you can go forwards, backward, right, left, up, and down;  level - where you can be high, medium, or low.

Our dance was about bullies turning into friends because we want to stop the bullying and tell everyone to be friendly. When we were doing our dance we used some of the elements of dance like timing, we used levels which were low. medium and high. I think the levels made our dance way better because it made our dance more eye catching and more interesting.

My next step is to reflect and develop a dance and drama further using the elements effectively.  I also need to work on supporting others and giving advice to others.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Term 3 discovery time reflection

This term I have been working on a song with Kate.C called “I just want to dance.”  While doing this I have learned we have to take time and include each other's ideas.

I have been challenged to think of lyrics for the song.  I have overcome this challenge by talking with Kate and thinking of stuff that rhymes with the words.

My focus for discovery is being patient and taking time to achieve a good result. I think I have done a good job because when we were doing our song, we took a long time to think of ideas that rhymed with the words. When we had to record the song we took forever to finish recording because we kept laughing.

In term 4 I look forward to choreographing a dance with the song we wrote. We have already began the choreographing.

Here are two photos of us dancing:

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Boy I Was A Silly Toddler. 

Some childhood memories you want to remember all your life, but some you want to forget and never mention it again. Like when I put a fake spider in my sisters bed, and she freaked out, now that's a keeper. Do you remember your first bee sting and how you reacted? 

It all started on a charming, blazing hot day. My face was melting, I couldn't wait to go outside. I sprinted outside to the backyard. I was about 3 or 4 years old at the time and I didn’t know that bees stung people - ignorance is bliss.

I was outside playing around, and I heard something, it sounded a bit like a fly but was it? Thoughts where running around in my head ... where was the buzzing coming from?  I was spinning my head from side to side, up and down - it was as if my head was about to fall off. What was creating this annoying noise? There it was again…. the sound... Bzzzzz!   

I turned my head and saw it,  I knew what it was, it was a bee.  It landed on me and do you know where?  On my forehead - in the middle of my forehead! I didn't know what to do - should I stay still? Should I run? Should I slap it? I decided to slap it!

It took 5 seconds to soak in then I yelled “AWWWWWW!  Help! It hurts!”  My mum came rushing out, gently pulled the bee sting out and put ice on it.

Now that memory I’ll never forget. It’s taught me to never slap a bee again.

This next memory has taught me to try to get friends straight away...

It all started on the second week of preschool. I was three years old and I still didn't have any friends, so I decided to make one. She was invisible ( not to me), and her name was Princess Minnie.

It was fruit break and Princess Minnie and I were sitting down, she was sitting next to me. Remember she's invisible. So a kid came and sat on her. I screamed “GET OFF HER,  ARE YOU BLIND?” The kid thought I was crazy.

Then it was nap time.  We all found a spot and lay down on a pillow. Princess Minnie was already asleep then the same kid that sat on her at fruit break came and did the same thing, but instead she fell asleep on her! I yelled “GET OFF PRINCESS MINNIE, NOW!” She didn't listen to me, so I did what I had to do, I pushed her.  In a flash she rolled over and woke up. I said “Stay away from me.”

It was finally home time and my mum asked “Did you make any friends today?” I said “Ya, her name is Princess Minnie”. My mum looked at me and asked “What's her real name?” I said “Princess Minnie is her real name.” My mum looked confused for a second, but she then released she was invisible, so she just went with it.

Now you know childhood memories are very precious,  funny, embarrassing, and weird. You should always treasure them even if they are memories you would rather  forget.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

How do aeroplanes fly?

Have you ever wondered how planes fly? How aeroplanes are so heavy but can stay in the sky? Well this explanation will tell you.
Lift is a force that holds the plane in the air and it works against weight.  Drag is generated by every part of the airplane and drag works in the opposite direction to thrust.   Weight is the same as gravity, it pulls objects to earth and it works in the opposite direction to lift.  Thrust is a force which moves an aircraft through the air and it works against drag.

How planes get off the ground is because of lift and thrust.  Lift gets the plane off the ground and into the sky and thrust moves the plane forward.  How planes stay in the air is because of thrust and lift.

If you're wondering how planes go side to side and change directions well this is how - objects stay still or move in the same direction or at the same speed unless it has an unbalanced force applied to it.  Planes land because weight and drag bring the plane down because they are stronger than the force of lift and thrust to make this happen.

So in conclusion it's obvious that airplanes need to have the four forces which are lift, weight, drag, and thrust to fly. If an airplane doesn't have these forces it can not fly or land.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

High Ropes

High Ropes

While sitting in the cold dirt, I wait for my turn. When I hear the instructor say to me “It's your turn,” I feel  scared but excited at the same time. As I'm slowly rising up, terrified, I'm shaking and thinking “Should I trust my friends if I fall?” 

I hear my friends cheering for me as I get close to the top of my first climb. I take their advice and I keep climbing up. I feel the wind breathing on my back.  I'm so close, one more step, it's bigger than me, I push myself over and in one leap I make it the top.  I feel glorious and so peppy, it's such a great view from up the top.

All I could think of once I’d taken in the view was - “How do I get down?”   

Sunday, 19 March 2017

My mum’s full name is Judy Lynette Davies.  My mum was born in Christchurch, she was born in 1971. My mum's oldest relative she remembers as a child was her grandma, she remembers she was strict. Of all the things my mum learned from her parents she felt the most valuable thing was respect and honesty.

Monday, 6 March 2017


My hair sways back and forward, what a beautiful breeze but a cold breeze. I see leaves falling down, down, down to the ground, it is such a windy day.  Then my hat blows away. I chase after it, it flies up, up, up and gets stuck in a tree. I try to shake the tree but it is stuck on a brunch so I shake it even harder until it finally floats down.   Unfortunately it lands in a river.

It was drifting down the river, as the wind got stronger the hat rushed down the river, I couldn't catch up with it. I quickly grabbed a stick but it was too late, the wind blew the hat down a big waterfall - oh no!  I'll have to go to the shop to buy another one, but not today, it is too windy it might blow away.